Courtyard Shows

The courtyard which is known as the “Jazzyard” doubled up for cosy evenings too. With International musicians gracing our stage from time to time.

Djaima Bulgarian- Parision jazz

She was simply ravishing in a gorgeous pink dress with heels to match as she took stage at the Gonsalves Mansion on the eve of Republic Day; when Djaima and her band started, the home of jazz was crackling as if on hot coals. 8pm on a Monday meant people drove down after a hard day at work to chill out to some exciting music; some took a break from the grapes and enjoyed beer instead as they bobbed their heads to some superb Bulgarian-Parisian Gypsy jazz. With shows like this one, the year of Music 2010 is definitely rocking at Heritage Jazz creating huge success and buzz around the state and even the country. Always known for their exceptional quality events with a wide range of musicians, styles, genres and always giving the public something novel and exciting to come to, Heritage jazz hosted some mystery, magic and of course, music as Goans flocked to Campal, for a colourful, power packed gypsy party!
Djaima interestingly is a Sanskrit word which means, victory to you mother and the lady behind this stage name comes from Toutrakan, a small town by the Danube. She is a performer from the heart and creates magic when on stage, her music is strongly influenced by theatrics, dance and influences of World Music; she has performed across the globe at various events and enthralled audiences with a mystic and musical spells. In February 2009, she put her heart and soul into “Voice for Peace” where she participated with various global musicians, to create hymns and songs for peace in each country. They go beyond music and entertainment, keeping such interests at heart, creating another common ground with Heritage Jazz, which is also known for all its peace and charity associations.


Something phenomenal transpired in the air of the Gonsalves Mansion ! On the 14th of March, the audience at jazz courtyard quenched its aural thirst with the enthralling musical cocktail of the magical EOL Trio.
The trio achieved a brilliant casting with bass, drums and piano. Influenced by varied styles of music, the band was truly inspired by Led Zeppelin, Soft Machine and Herbie Hancock. The show was upbeat, electrifying and energetic with double bass yoked in Laurent David’s arms and incessant percussion by Xavier Girard. Then, there was piano and the hammond organ; liquid, instinctive, under the fingers of Denis Girard. They were simply fantastic and shared a wonderful chemistry on stage. They spoke universal language of music and charged the atmosphere with enthusiasm and life.
Undoubtedly their piece was evolutionary showcasing a lot of experimentation and research. It had the power of rock and the finesse of jazz which touched every soul present for the show. The crowd dived into the edgy, electric and magical sea of sounds that emerged on the scene. Some people even felt a spiritual connection through their music.
The ‘Home of Jazz’, the Gonsalves Mansion is defining the year of music in a very innovative and distinct manner. Heritage jazz has always come up with new, fresh and innovative ideas. A great interaction and involvement of the crowd could be witnessed as the band members mingled cheerily with them. They got the listeners in the mood by befriending and exchanging exciting conversations. Further they are scheduled to tour in Mumbai and Bangalore to drive the crowd of the metros into reverie.
The evening was simply, charged, eclectic and on fire! The soul of every listener experienced a supernatural force leaving them stunned and yearning for more. The EOL trio was certainly power packed, just ‘parfait!’

Honor Heffernan

Heritage Jazz came again to town this time with Honor Heffernan Quartet at the Gonsalves mansion courtyard in campal. As the name suggests, the leader of the band Honor Heffernan, has been performing as both a singer and actress for over 30years now and has been both critically and publicly acclaimed as a singer whose versatility and superior vocal ability means she is comfortable singing anything from jazz and Blues to Rock and Folk. The show presented by Trancemedia showcased the Irish Sensation honor Heffernan on the vocals as she enthralled the crowd with her pulsating voice, Kevin Brady on the drums, Phil Ware with his besutiful touch on the Piano and Damian Evans on the Bass. The show was supported by culture Ireland.
Set in the courtyard of the Gonsalves Mansion, with a starry sky this jazz quartet had a repertoire of musical collection voiced by the beautiful Honor. the show was supported by Tiger, Radio Indigo and Seagrams. The gathering was just pleasant and not over bearing for the music of the quartet, which soul filled the moment.

Indo Canadian Melange

Februray 3rd 2010, the evening two of Canada’s top jazz artists shared centre stage with two of India’s best musicians; what happened was something truly special, classic fusion!
Heritage Jazz presented Francois Bourassa, excellent Quebecois jazz pianist and Jeanne Rochette, Quebecois chanteuse par excellence, along with Sheldon D’Silva, one of India’s best bassists and Gino Banks, entertaining and talented drummer; a perfect selection of artists, each contributing pure prowess and impeccable style as they fused together.
While Francois and Jeanne perform together at most of their concerts in Canada and across the globe, it was only the third time they were performing with these two talented Indian musicians. The way they supported each other on stage and the easy flow of rhythm and vocals was just perfect harmony. Jeanne was a singing classic, complete with her dramatic style and coquettish expression; she is a true ‘bete de scene’, able to mesmerise her audiences with her energy, vocal prowess, intelligence, wit and charm, all rolled into one. Francois delighted everyone on the Piano the light in his eyes bouncing of its surface as his fingers played magic and supported Jeanne’s vocals brilliantly. Sheldon was a sensation on the bass and created beautiful rhythm while Gino kept the tempo on the drums in his cool impressive style.
“The people were so nice and the feeling just right” exclaimed Jeanne in her natural sweet manner while Gino said “The vibe of the place was too good, something very different.”
The jazz yard filled up to the brim on a Wednesday night which truly highlighted the type of quality and world class presentation that Heritage Jazz represents. It was the last courtyard show for this season and what a way to end it. There was an electric buzz around the place and the energy was just amazing.
The curtains had to close and after an encore to please the pleading audience, there were the last stums of guitar, a few piano notes and an emphatic ‘Merci Beaucoup’ from Jeanne.

Moon Arra

Sunday, the 3rd of January 2010, the courtyard at the home of jazz was sparking with enthusiasm, excitement and the hope that every New Year brings with it. After offering Goa a great musical buffet in 2009, Heritage Jazz was set to begin with a bang, and a bang it surely was! Each musician of this five member ensemble displayed talent, vibrancy and an electric charge. Jagdeesh M.R. led the band on the lead guitar, supported well by Prakash Sontakke on the Indian slide guitar with rich Indian classical sounds and a voice to match. While Madhuri tantalized with her deep, husky vocals, Kenneth Wilson entertained on bass guitar while Karthik Mani kept rhythm on the drums. MoonArra were joined by quirky jazz trumpeting whiz Matthias Shriefl from Germany who floored the audience with his impromptu performance. While Prakash was a strumming sensation on the slide guitar, Jagdeesh synchronized beautifully with him on the lead, producing amazing guitar magic that had the audience at the edge of their seats. Shriefl sizzled on his trumpet, picking up on the guitar fusion and translating it into some terrific trumpeting.
The band was highly expressive and interactive with their audience, communicating frequently as they introduced their songs and fellow members, sprouting grand applause from the delighted listeners. Each of these musicians mixed about, enjoying friendly conversation and a few laughs with the people, during the breaks; it seemed like a get together of a bunch of friends.

Oliver Rajamani Quintet

The Show at Gonsalves Mansion featuring Oliver Rajamani , performing along with Steve Marcum on Drums, Joseph Santori on Bass, Suresh Buscara on Tabla and Richard Bowden on Violin was one of the best musical performances. The entire crowd - young and old- were silenced with awe and admiration while he performed ecstatically and the positive energy and vibrations from his music was incredible. There were various unique and ancient drumming art forms represented. These art forms include drums and their styles ranging from lands such as India, the Middle East, Africa, Latin America, and Europe. A person from the audience called it a Musical Magic show!!! saying that Oliver this guy is great with magical fingers !! The music was spiritually uniting and melodically soothing, rhythmically energizing, technically breathtaking and historically educating. Rajamani's music crosses many cultural, religious, and musical boundaries. Its spiritual essence allows people from different ethnic backgrounds and belief systems to connect to their own true spiritual identity.
Rajamani created his own music by arranging traditional folk songs chronicling their historic path and by adding new compositions not found anywhere else on the globe.

Pedro Moraes

Brazilian music is full of passion, of sentiment, of joy. It is the result of a long simmering mix of heritage from Amerindian, Portuguese and African sources meeting global influences to create a magical, mystical music. Yet it is the constant search for new forms within Brazil 's diverse musical heritage that most captivates us and influences musicians around the world.

Saskia Laroo

The “Saskia Laroo Quintet ” show that was held on the 8th & 9th of December 2007. The show was part of the Heritage Jazz series and was extremely well received.Saskia Laroo Quintet, comprising Saskia Laroo, William Sebestian, Philippe Lemn, Daniel Gueli and Warren Byrd proved why they are the most sought after jazz band. They were simply fabulous, as they are always.
Saskia Laroo, a celebrated trumpeter combined various forms of music into a vivacious blend of hip-hop, jazz, salsa, funk reggae and world music that got people into the dancing mood. She along with Warren Byrd on the piano, William Sebastien on the beatbox, Philippe Lemm on drums and Daniel Gueli on Bass was absolutely fabulous.

Sigrun Jording

A cool breeze blew through the courtyard on Sunday evening, one of the best features of a classic Goan winter. The little square filled up quickly with colours, exchanged pleasantries and whispers of excitement; a perfect atmosphere with soft lights aiding the moonlight in framing the lovely gathering. The air seemed a buzz like the sparks of a crackling fire; you just got the feeling something wonderful was going to happen.Four smiling faces took the stage, hiding their high quality musical profile under a gentle coat of modesty. Sigrun, Thijs, Thomas and Georges, clad in cotton pastels, exuded a mellow charm that broke forth from their sweet smiles. When they began, drums, guitar and keyboard led by the powerful saxophone fused together forming magical melodic spells that just seemed to take our breath away. The audience was drawn in from the first swish of their musical enchantment. On stage, the fantastic four were completely at ease and seemed to communicate with each and complimented each other while giving each one space to enthrall with their respective solos. There was a mutual understanding and a fair performance by each of them, highlighting each of their talents and styles as a soloist and as a band. Sigrun simply scintillated on the saxophone, Thijs Borsten was a whiz on the keyboard, Thomas Winter Anderson entertained on the guitar and Georges du Buy kept the tempo on the drums. The Sigrun Jording Quartet delivered superior quality music and entertainment while interacting with everyone present, making it a personal and intimate experience.

South African Jazz

Heritage Jazz events are and have always been bringing people together, sharing good times, making great music and greater memories all for the love of Goa. The past year had us thoroughly entertained with a musical buffet from Jazz for football and Jazz Nirvana to sensational Dutch musicians and our beloved Konkani Rocks; what an amazing array of concepts and shows. South Africa Calling was definitely another feather in the cap for Armando Gonsalves and Heritage Jazz. The Marcus Wyatt quintet captured the audience with their sheer talent, style and stage presence as they performed an array of their songs. Marcus and Siya Makuzeni blended beautifully together with his saxophone and her amazing vocals. Melissa Van der Spuy was excellent on the keyboard, Prince Bulo entertained on bass while Justin Badenhorst was sensational on drums and Gavan Eckhart handled their sound very well. Marcus, highly acclaimed and talented trumpeter belongs to the breed of new generation South African musicians- respectful of the past, yet, moving forward without fear of twisting boundaries. He has performed around the globe and worked with an impressive array of musicians. This was their first time in India and they made the most of it.

Spanish Jazz

After Brazil and Portugal, it was Spain that put up a cultural treat for Goans. The Gonsalves Mansion at Panaji saw traditional Spanish beats and jazz tunes enthrall guests . The show was organised by Armando Gonsalves put the show together in association with the Spanish Embassy. Percussionists Mika and Sarah wowed the crowd with their performances on an instrument called the txalaparte. They played traditional tunes from the Basque region of Spain. Later, the Joumie Vila Seseca Trio raised the tempo with their Spanish jazz. It was a relaxing and fun evening for all.

Tala Faral

Tara Falal, a vibrant native of Madagascar, a US citizen and a musician of the world, mixed a groovy, funky cocktail of African, Latin, Indian and Modern Jazz, added a generous dash of charisma and hot energy, and served it through three straws (an effervescent voice, a guttural rich toned saxophone bursting out like a god enthroned and an incredibly overactive keyboard) accompanied by three equally rocket-fired Indian musicians – Dwight Pattison, bass guitar (from Calcutta), Benoy Rai, electric and acoustic guitars (from Darjeeling) and Lindsay D’Mellow, drums (from Goa).
The large cocktail was delivered overflowing with raw talent fizzing, crackling, sparkling, enveloping the audience with anirresistible daze that has everyone surrendering to the pulsating music, clamouring for more, reluctant to leave even when the hands of the clock joined hands at 12 midnight subtly suggesting departure from paradise.

Sasha Ley

Sascha Ley a composer of some great songs performed here LIVE at Gonsalves Mansion was accompanied by George Letellier a pianist, Anne Kaftan on Soprano Saxophone, Marc Demuth on Bass and Benoit Martiny on drums. The Sascha Ley Quintet was one of the best group that played really unique Jazz Music which was enjoyed by one and all.

Something Relevant

The crowd at Heritage Jazz was as eclectic as the music itself, with a vibrant range of folk, from the young ones to the young at heart; their music captured everyone’s wild side and gave us all something to talk about, laugh about, sing about or dance about. It was one crazy party with Armeet switching to beatbox spontaneously, Stu doing a mean rap track, JJ humouring us with his mosquito theatrics or Aazin singing his way into the crowd leaving them speechless. The energy level, immense spontaneity, highly innovative performances and the positive buzz about the place was just unbelievable.
The band chilled with the crowd and a few beers and threw in some interesting tidbits during their performance. It truly was something spectacular, straight out of the records of Heritage Jazz high class entertainment; the band, the audience, the setting and everything surrounding the show was something different. This show screamed for superlatives in every way; the year of music sure looks like a great one. The show rocked on beyond the set time with the crowd demanding encore after encore making the band play 4 more tracks after the supposed last one; the band had to literally tell the crazy audience that it was time to hit the sack. This party at the Home of Jazz sure was something else… Something different… Something Relevant.

Carlton Braganza

The show at Gonsalves Mansion on 2nd March 09 evening set off with a good change at Armando's place. Unlike the usual well appreciated Jazz performances, the Carton Braganza show was purely Retro-Country with a little pop in between, all of which kept everyone on their toes, with even the ones seated rocking to the beat! Everyone had a lot of fun as this came like a pleasant surprise for most who weren’t aware of Carltons Country Music background. Carlton appealed to everyone, and played almost everyone's favourite oldie goldie romantic number. Most in the audience were thrilled, and tripped on the authenticity and the passion of his vocals, so much so that they stepped up to dance to his music which was punctuated by a lot of Jive, followed by the waltz.
In one breadth- We want more of Carlton in the Future. He is just great. Carlton has promised that he will be back in Goa with a full fledged band that will perform contemporary jazz.

The Malcolm Braff Trio

The Malcolm Braff Trio concert was held in aid of educating slum kids the importance of garbage management and the like, in our bid to bring a refreshing change to the Campal Creek. The pianist Malcolm Braff presented his heavy-grooving modern soul-jazz piano trio with African shadings based on research he calls "Non-Euclidean Rhythms". The Malcolm Braff Trio’ featured pianist Malcolm Braff, bassist Reggie Washington and Drummer Stéphane Galland.

The Kyle Shepherd Trio

Heritage Jazz hosted a stunning South African Jazz show on the 27th of October, 2013. The Kyle Shepherd Trio consisting of Kyle Shepherd on the Piano, Sebastiaan Kaptein on Drums and Seigo Matsunaga on Double Bass, were touring India, Goa being one of their stops. Kyle Shepherd started off by playing the traditional Mouth Bow, of the Khoi and San people of South Africa. The trio then went on to play their original compositions including the unreleased ones. Kyle Shepherd was at his best on the Paino, playing some stunning melodies, and so were Seigo and Sebastiaan on their respective instruments.
The ambience at the Home of Jazz, The Gonsalves Mansion is always that of brotherhood and so was it at this show, where jazz lovers came together and enjoyed some beautiful soul touching music. The trio won the audience over some amazing originals. The audience thoroughly enjoyed them and applauded after every piece played. Kyle Shepherd draws his musical influences from the traditional rhythms, melodies and harmonies of Cape Town, South Africa as well as Jazz music and ethnic traditional music of the World.
Seigo Matsunaga born in Japan, founded the Asian Cape Connection in 2005, and began to produce concerts and CDs with musicians from around the world. In 2009 He renovated “SHIKIORI” 130years old Japanese house and Start organizing concerts in the Countryside of Japan. Sebastiaan Kaptein is Prominent drummer from Holland. He has toured in over 50 countries and has performed and recorded with the likes of Brad Mehldau, Toots Thielmans, Mike Del Ferro, Jesse van Ruller and many others.