Worship Concerts

Goa Velha

The 16th of January is the Feast of Blessed Joseph Vaz, and this year being the 300th Anniversary of the revered priest, there was enough reason for doing something different and exciting. And this is precisely what happened! Having put up some grand shows in Konkani via the brand Konkani Rocks and many others in Jazz, Armando Gonsalves of Heritage Jazz, brought together the best in worship music, and the beautiful St Andrew’s Church of Goa Velha played host to an amazing concert that filled the air with serenity, peace and reverence to the Lord Jesus Christ. The show took off with Goan based 7 piece band “Faith” taking off with own compositions as well as some covers. Singers Glenlord Rodrigues and Vanessa Menezes were spirited and soulful as they whipped up a frenzy that the over 1500 people crowd lapped up with eagerness. The song “Waves of Mercy” which is about lifting everything you do to God was moving, “Undignified” was about being crazy for God regardless of what people have to say about your faith, “Chada” whih means all things are beautiful in Tagalo the Filipino language and written by a filipino band, “No reason to hide”


The Easter celebration was in full force at Holy Spirit Church, Margao. The first mega Worship Concert Liberate your Spirit (2nd edition) drew a large crowd of all faiths across Goa.
‘Faith’ the Margao based band opened the concert and treated more than 2000 strong crowd with fast paced and interactive music, setting the precedent for the other artists. 20 years old Alacoque Morenas the sweet voiced Margao girl struck a chord with the youth with her acoustic faith songs. Varun Carvalho set focused on ‘praise and freedom’ and some of his songs praised for our motherland and the Christ. The theme of the concert struck a chord with him, as the title of his album is ‘Set Me Free’ and he feels that in order to effectively liberate your Spirit you must first set yourself free. Goa’s pop star Olavo Rodrigues performed Konkani Gospel songs with a peppy pop twist. Noted Goan singer Sidhanath Buyao wooed the crowd by performing and praising Jesus, inspite of belonging to a different faith. Thus showing Goa is truly the land of communal harmony. Acclaimed Mumbai-based Gospel Band Yeshua performed for the first time in South Goa, effortlessly connecting with the masses. Famed Goan singer Veeam Braganza played the role of the host. Cameron the lead singer of Yeshua hailed Armando Gonsalves for being ‘like Moses leading the Israelites’ collecting the artists together and drawing the crowds and likening Goa to the Promised Land.
The event called for uplifting the name of Jesus across Goa and the band claims that they didn’t know what to expect from the South Goan audience but were pleasantly surprised and feel that it was the best response they have received yet from any concert.
This concert came at the appropriate time when the entire country was facing a period of corruption and the masses need assurance. The concert confirmed the fact that God alone is supreme and is the sole solution to the problems faced by man. The success of this mega event was evident from the number of requests to hold more Worship Concerts in South Goa.

Kala Academy

The band, playing at the Kala Academy open hall auditorium, was one of India’s foremost names in the genre of gospel music, Yeshua. The band is based in Mumbai, was in Goa to perform for the concert which was truly a spiritual treat for those who enjoy gospel music. The band performed some of their orginal hindi tracks along with some English cover songs.
“Our music is not like the usual Gospel music, we try to keep up with the times, like right now our music includes rock and Indian rock and roll,” says Cameron Mendes, lead vocalist.
The band crooned to tunes of their hit track, “Gao Hallelujah” and their new foot- tapping number ‘Rock and Roll’ set the crowd in the mood to dance for god.