Million People Million Trees

Inaugural Event

Date: 5th June 2019

Time: 8 a.m. onwards

Venue: F.L Gomes Garden Campal, Panjim

Goa ForGiving in association with ‘Think Panjim’ and ‘Transform Goa’ is organizing a tree plantation drive ‘Million People, Million Trees’ over a period of one year beginning from the 5th of June 2019, World Environment Day. Through this initiative we aim to plant one million trees across Goa.

The theme for this year’s World Environmental Day is ‘Air Pollution’ which is a part of our responsibility, because with thousands of trees being cut in our state in the name of development, we will have no fresh air to breathe at all. Goa has a population of approximately one and a half million, and if each one of us takes up to planting one tree and looking after it, we can do a huge favor to our environment and our future generations too.

We urge people across Goa to plant trees either in their homes or anywhere they would like to plant. Various churches, temples, schools, colleges, Government Offices and Government Institutions have also agreed to participate in this event.

Like minded people like Environmentalists Minguel Braganza, Ashok Dande, Karan Manral; Farmers Mario Braganza from St. Cruz etc have extended their support to this campaign.

Inspired by our initiative we have people from across the World who have taken up to planting trees in their own Country. Qatar based John Desa has started ‘One Goan, One Mancurad’ wherein he will be distributing Mancurad saplings to churches, temples, schools etc. to encourage the planting of Mancurad Mango trees.

The inaugural of the event will be held on the 5th of June 2019 in Campal at the F.L. Gomes Garden, 8 a.m onwards. Students of Bachpan School will put up a fancy dress display in honour of trees.

Our team had the pleasure of learning from the expert Mr. Karan Manral on how to increase the survival rate of trees. Just planting saplings is not enough, the plants need to survive too. We thank Karan for taking his time off and educating our team on the same.

Link to the article by Bhakti Sardesai on what happened at the workshop:


Photography and Video Competition

We will be launching a photography and video competition on the 5th of June, which will go on till Vanamahotsava i.e on the 7th of July. People will have to take a creative video or a photo of them planting a tree and post it on their social media sites with #MillionTrees and #GoaGoingGreen.

We are looking for spirited children from across Goa to send us a one minute video to speak on environmental issues and press the Government to take these issues up.

Just like how the Extinction Rebellion activists at Hyde Park Corner in London brought the issue of climate change and considering that Goa is not too far from experiencing the same, it is better to act on the issue NOW than later.

We can achieve this, TOGETHER, and save our own selves from extinction. Let us inspire the world from this tiny spot called Goa, let this message spread far and wide.