Launch of the Goenkarponn Song / Goenkarponn- The Healing Balm Seminar

The Golden Jubilee of the historic Opinion Poll of Goa was celebrated with great happiness and brotherhood, as Goa ForGiving released the much talked of music single, “Goenkarponn… The Goa Song”, powered by 40 singers and musicians in a first ever attempt at this level, of bringing in so many artistes together on one project. The song is composed by Music Director Ronnie Monsorate, a celebrated Goan who is based in Bombay. When on a casual visit to Bombay with his colleague, Shaeen Gomes, Chairperson of Goa ForGiving, Armando happened to bump into his old friend Ronnie Monsorate luckily on a Sunday morning, when they had time to reminisce about the beautiful things they have done together. And in that 3 hour conversation which was filled with brotherhood, camaraderie and love, they sparked upon an idea of bringing forth a song whose motive would be to unite Goans Worldwide via a song. Bringing 36 singers under one roof was a herculean task, and we were very lucky to have creative lyricist Roque Lazarus who also jumped into the project without much fuss. Miracles do happen, and all the work that went into it ended up into a stunning song that has the music fraternity and others in a joyful tizzy.

In the backdrop of the fast paced economic, social and cultural change that is being witnessed in Goa, productive material has to be shared and debated, so that, the confusion, in the minds of the people is set to rest. It must be accepted that activism has played a very important role in curtailing large-scale rape of agricultural land, corruption and evil that has gripped society. This discussion proposed to bring to the fore the varied works of activists, cultural and musical ambassadors and others, and their role in safeguarding the interests of the public at large, and also to discuss the Future of Goa. Speakers who addressed the crowd were Filmaker Bardroy Barretto, Activist Dr. Claude Alvares, Jeroninio Almeida, Widely Published writer & Photographer Mr. Vivek Menezes, Founder Chairman of Goa ForGiving Armando Gonsalves and was moderated by the Editor of Prudent Media Mr. Pramod Acharya.