DATE: 11TH JULY 2021
TIME: 9 a.m.
Old GMC/GIM Complex, Ribandar Waterfront, Ribandar, Goa.

Preserving our Goan heritage has always been close to our heart at Goa ForGiving; we have therefore initiated to power the heritage structures of Goa, which have been neglected due to whatever reason. We have so much history attached to old heritage buildings, Goan homes etc. and letting them into ruins will be a great loss for the state.

There are so many beautiful and valuable heritage structures in and around Goa that need rehabilitation and our utmost attention. Goa Institute of Management building situated right opposite the scenic Mandovi river at Ribandar is just one of them. The building’s significance is in its history. It was initially Goa Medical College & hospital which was then taken over by the Goa Institute of Management. The building is currently in an abandoned state.

As our Founder Chairman, Mr. Armando Gonsalves shared a picture of the old GIM building in a neglected state, it caught the eyes of several noted alumni coming from the then GMC and GIM. There was an overwhelming response along with the nostalgic memories the students have had of a small joint “Casa De Cha”, where they would frequently visit for breakfast and meals.

The very spirit of the alumni and the public in general inspired us at Goa ForGiving to clean the facade of the building. With the help and guidance of Civil Engineer Mr. Crombel Pinto, architectural photographer Ashay Phadke, social activist Adarsh Toraskar (who have selflessly given their time to this project by offering their services pro bono) they managed to bring some life back to the building. The building needs a lot of work from the inside, but we did what we could with our limited resources.

To celebrate our heritage and bring heritage enthusiasts together, we are organising a ‘Heritage Meet’ on Sunday, the 11th of July 2021. Photographers, artists, heritage lovers, Ex GIM staff and students are welcome to join us and be a part of this project by taking photographs, painting the building etc. blive, the electric cycling company will also join in with their biking enthusiasts. And for old memories sake ‘Casa De Cha’ will have their specials on offer for breakfast, where everyone can sit by the riverfront and enjoy their delicacy on a Sunday morning. We love supporting and encouraging local Goan businesses. We look forward to making it a Sunday of brotherhood.
Our motive is to inspire people of Goa and the authorities to further restore significant buildings of Goa and beautify them.