International Projects / Events

UK Goan Festival in London

Konkani Rocks Europe 2011

The Amersfoort Jazz Festival was held from 13th – 15th of May, 2011, at Amersfoort in the Netherlands. Heritage Jazz was a partner at this International Jazz Festival. The C.E.O. Armando Gonsalves , along with his immediate team attended this event. The dream of Konkani rocks dates back to December, when a dutch group of musicians were invited to Goa by Armando Gonsalves, the CEO of Heritage Jazz to perform Konkani numbers amongst Goans. That was when an idea sparked his mind to take Konkani to the world. The Rabobank Amersfoort International Jazz Festival created performance spots for international artists including our very own Goan artists led by the Monsorate Brothers along with Olavo Rodriguez, Sidhanath Buyao, Yatin Talaulikar and Veeam Braganza comprised of the team who set the mood on. The other performers included saxophonists Alexander Beets, Sigrun Jording, Koh Saxman, and DJ Nakadia. From foreigners to our own goans groved to the beats of Konkani music.




Dinner at Assado in London

In 2014 we oragnised a dinner at Chef Cyrus Todiwala's Restaurant 'Assado' in London. The evening had guest in attendance from various parts of Europe who flew in specially to attend the dinner. The guest list also included Mr. Simon Huges, the Bristish Minister of Justice.

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