Our Mission

It is said that the Art of Living is the Art of Giving & Forgiving! True happiness & social harmony can be achieved by generating infinite love towards your fellow citizens. Infinite love can be generated by eliminating Hate within us, by forgiving ourselves & others.
Today, our beautiful State of GOA stands at crossroads of either a bright or glim future…
The choice is entirely ours! Do we want to leave behind a positive or negative legacy for our future generations? The time to act is NOW!

“You are the change you want to see”

You can contribute to a Golden Goa by investing your Time, Energy, Hope & Talent or surplus resources in GOA’s positive future or even through other little ways, a smile at your fellow citizen, a helping hand to a less privileged person or forgiving an old enemy…
We have to think beyond ourselves towards building a global Goan community

United in our common purpose of building the GOLDEN GOA of our dreams!