Fusion For Peace

Diwali a festival of lights, celebrates the triumph of good over evil, this Hindu festival which is celebrated with lots of enthusiasm and happiness was combined with the celebration of “fusion for peace” “Shanti” a fusion band, kept the audience enthralled by the breath taking performance as they created a magnificent blend of music that reached straight to the hearts of the audience. “Shanti” which means peace and a state of bliss, marked the release of their debut album. Its a fusion band formed by the highly gifted goan musician “sitarist” Yograj who leads the band The high point of their performance was the rendition of the theme song of the Hollywood movie “Mission Impossible” which sounded absolutely sublime on Indian instruments. The band concluded in a style with the patriotic song “Vande Mataram”. The other band that also gave a marvellous performance was Layatharanga. Layatharanga is one of the most prominent and enthusiastic music groups of India . The team specializes in "World Music" - a music form blending different styles from across the globe. Basing the foundation on Carnatic classical music, Layatharanga has gone on to amalgamate other music forms to produce a soothing and harmonious blend of music.