Jazz For Peace

The Jazz for Peace show held in the streets near Gonsalves Mansion was an event that struck the heart, as an event of emotion, love, peace, togetherness and unity. Harri Stojka, considered to be the world's best Gypsy jazz guitarist, started the event with popular numbers from the Gypsy almanac, and then graduated into music that was composed by him and his teammates. Saskia Laroo stunned the crowd with her brand of Jazz funk, jazz-rock and rap jazz that got the crowd on its feet. She was simply amazing, full of life and joie de vivre. She started off the concert with the number "It's just jazz", and then went on to mesmerize the packed audience with music that surprised all who were present. The streets of Campal were adorned with decorative lights, and the area wore a festive look. Before the commencement of the show, a two-minutes silence was observed in the memory of those killed in Mumnbai. Both Saskia and Harri spoke at the occasion and expressed pain at what had happened but also made it a point to mention that they were here to unite people through music