Liberate your Jazz

The “Liberate your Jazz” show that was held on the 19th of December 2006. The show was part of the Heritage Jazz series and was extremely well received. With proceeds of around Rs. 1 lakh having been collected for the National Association for the Blind, Goa Chapter, the show had much more than just heritage and music to look up to. Everyone had an emotive issue what with Babush Santana, a completely blind musician (drummer, violinist, trumpeter, vocalist, etc.) belting out songs much to the delight of the 400 strong crowd at the venue. Interplay, comprising Sonia Saigal, Harmeet Manseta, Karl Peters and Adrian D’Souza proved why they are the most sought after jazz band in Goa. They were simply superb, as they are always. But the pick of the night was the delectable playing by the Amit Heri Group comprising of Amit Heri himself, legendary drummer Ranjit Barot, sitarist Ravi Chary and bassist Karl Peters. Their performance was spell bounding and the crowd went berserk with the quality of music that they came up with.