Adopt a Waterway !

Our water is our responsibility!

The Goa ForGiving Trust is working on the restoration of The Campal Creek, a waterway that runs through the heart of Panjim City. It was once a blessing to the city, but is now in a deteriorated state. The Creek has turned into a so called “nullah” due to human blunders.

Not only is the Campal Creek, but most of our waterways across Goa are under threat. Before it’s too late, we need to safeguard of what is left, and revive wherever possible. Hence, we have come up with an initiative called the ‘Adoption of Waterways’ so that we can look after our water and keep a regular check on them.

What is Water Adoption?

The water adoption programme has no legal aspect to it. The adoption will basically include identifying a water body in one’s vicinity/village/town/city and looking after the same as their own. Anyone with love for Goa in their hearts are welcome to join the adoption programme.

Who can adopt?

Schools, colleges, organizations, stakeholders, corporates, concerned individuals, lovers of Goa. We also urge people overseas to adopt a waterway in solidarity.

Rules and Regulations for Water Adoption

1. Maintenance of the adopted waterway in one’s own capacity
2. Taking pictures of anyone littering the water body or the area around it, and spreading awareness
3. Holding cleanliness drives and walks along the adopted waterway
4. Enlightening students as they are the future of our country about the importance of Waterways and water management
5. Taking care of waterways found nearby by not letting people litter the place and making people realize the value of the waterway
6. Creating awareness through events, photography competitions, music shows etc.
7. Having picnics with cleanliness drives with organizations in a bid to create new tourism spots and add value to the water body
8. Making people aware of the threat of water availability
9. Giving a vision that the waterway if taken care of, could be one of the best tourism spots for e.g. Bird watching , kayaking , sunset point or a beautiful place to relax
10. Making people aware of health hazards caused due to polluted water bodies and the need to save and clean it