Our Projects

Campal Creek (Save The Waters of Goa)

We at Goa ForGiving are mobilizing people from across Goa to communicate and get together for a cause - to get the Campal Creek Cleaned up and restored to its original glory.

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Goenkarponn , The Revolution

The concept of Goenkarponn is an inclusive one which includes every resident residing in Goa accepting our Culture, Heritage and Language.

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Heritage Jazz

"Heritage Jazz” has been instrumental in revolutionizing the Jazz scene in Goa besides playing an active role in promoting Jazz across the Country.

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Coconut Love

A movement which was started to save the Coconut Trees from the draconian amendment passed by the Goa Government, giving freedom to builders to fell coconut trees without any requirement of permissions. Saving our identity, the Coconut Tree!

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Taste Of Goa

Whether it is art, culture, music, food, heritage and the like, Goa has it all, and Taste of Goa aims to solidify this positioning with the best in food, music, art and the subtle things Goa is known for.

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Workshops on different topics.

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Konkani Rocks

Konkani Rocks is way to get together and keep our language alive and be proud to speak it out.

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Mermaid Garden and Other Projects

The Mermaid was deluged with seventeen layers of paint. When we got down to the core of the structure we realised that it was made o procelain. We roped in Sculptor Ghanasham Chari to work on the Mermaid, who meticulously took off the seventeen layers of paint in about a month.

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International Projects

We have organised programmes on an International level, appealing to people from all over the World.

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Our Home of Activity; and Our Founder

Gonsalves Mansion

Gonsalves Mansion is known as the Home of Jazz in Goa, and not without good reason and continues to power Jazz, Konkani, worship and other forms of music!

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Armando Gonsalves

Much is said in the press of this man who reaches out to society in his own special way by instilling a sense of unity, respect and goodwill through celebration too. His journey of life is seen as a path that takes him through construction to media production and to conservation of heritage homes to the promotion of jazz culture in Goa.

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Our Team

Extended Team