Environmental Health Programme

On 15th August, 2014 Independence Day, Goa ForGiving along with The NIMR (National Institute for Malaria Research and VHSG (Voluntary Health Service Goa) organised an Environmental Health Workshop at the St. Inez Settlement. Our three organizations shared information with these “privileged” people, and the effort also included a skit that showcased the mosquito breeding problem in that region, besides also enthusing the participants in introducing “guppy” fish into the Creek so that mosquito breeding is contained by this species known for its penchant foreating up mosquito larvae.
A tree planting exercise was also undertaken by our group, and this particular effort was led by enthusiastic youngsters led by the cherubic Ms Riya Shetty. The children of the St Inez Settlement also got involved, and adopted a few trees that were planted in their surroundings, and pledged to look after them in the best way they can.
We also endeavoured to speak to the authorities regarding toilet facilities to be extended to the shanties since it was noticed that sewage pipelines have already been laid out there many years ago, which sadly, neither have been connected nor toilets provided, much to the chagrin of these settlers.
There is a Revolution taking place in the hearts and minds of the people of Goa, and this is about participating in the saving of the Environment which has taken a severe beating due to callous attitudes of us all. It is apt that this whole process got a huge boost on Independence Day, something which made one participant comment that this is true independence, that of being free from the hitherto squalid waters of various water bodies across our beautiful land. Water is our most vital resource, and what better way to celebrate Independence Day than the commitment of a band of energetic youngsters who are heaven bent in participating in something that will benefit not only them, but the community at large?