Painting workshops with the underprivileged kids

If we are to succeed in our mission of cleaning we need to work with people of all age groups to rope in ideas to make the creek clean again. We have had various painting workshops for kids who live in settlements along the campal creek and around the creek to paint their ‘Vision for the Campal Creek’. The ideas that can out of tier paintings blew our minds!

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International Readers and Writers meet

With the Writers & Readers Festival taking place for the first time in Goa, we at Goa ForGiving were very delighted to be a part of this Festival as the beneficiary organisation. Having been closely working with the kids from the St. Inez settlement, this festival has given us an opportunity to take some of the renowned authors like Kirsty Murray, Stephen McCarty, Ken Harper and Journalist Rahul Jayram to the slums to impart the importance of reading to them.
Besides taking these writers to the settlement, we also had the privilege to mingle with author Thomas Kennelly, author of Schindler’s Ark, on which the epic historical drama, Schindler’s List was based. It was an honour to have him over at our home and discuss about his next book. We also had an early 79th birthday celebration for him, at which he cut 8 cakes, egging him to be in Goa for the 80th birthday the next year. Partnering with the Writers & Readers Festival, Goa was a great experience for us at Goa ForGiving, as we have carried a lot of memories back with us and us look forward to the next.

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