World Water Day 2016

It is amazing that many Goans don’t even know that River Mandovi is actually River Mhadei, and we hope that our campaign will enthuse Goans to do their bit to bring this issue to the focus. It was wonderful to have the support of Former Regatta Sailing Champion Mark Butt. His energy translated into a flotilla of kayaks and catamarans at the River Mandovi, making it the cynosure of all eyes on a warm working day. The boats sailed from Candolim on 22nd April morning, and landed up at the area near Inox. Whether it is the Campal Creek, or the Colva Creek, or the River Sal or any other waterway across Goa, they all are in need of serious rehabilitation if we are to ensure that our water resources are not squandered as they have been in other parts of the country.